Ability to make swatch images product specific, not color specific


In the process of setting up swatches and have followed your guide to create metafields. Everything is functioning properly, except for a scenario where we utilize image swatches and have two products in different categories sharing the same color name, for example, a Scrunchie in "Crème" and a Claw Clip in "Créme." Due to the use of image swatches, the swatch for a Scrunchie in "Crème" will therefore have a different image than that for a Clip in "Créme," despite them having the same color name.

In our previous theme, we circumvented this issue by specifying the swatch down to the exact product and variant, like so:
"signature-clip-creme:SC-creme-swatch.png" for the clip and "essential-scrunchie-creme:ES-creme-swatch.png" for the scrunchie. However, with your theme, where we only specify the color, conflicting data arises since there are two image swatches for the color "Crème" - one for the scrunchie and one for the clip, such as: "Crème:cremescrunchie.png" and "Crème:cremeclip.png".


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Jamie (Product Manager)

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